Are 48khz/24bit audio files supported by Unity?


9/1/2022 1 min read

Unity Supports 48khz 24bit Audio Files:

Unity supports audio output sampling rates higher than 44kHz. If you wish to produce AudioClips in a higher sample rate, you should leave the data uncompressed (PCM) it should stay at 48kHz (24bit).

Sample Rate

The 44.1khz sampling rate has always been regarded as the standard sampling rate. But I think 48khz is the most appropriate sample rate.

The human ear can hear between 20Hz and 20kHz. 44.1kHz is more than twice the top range of it, so it would be enough.

But: 1. Some people claim that humans can perceive sounds as high as 50 kHz through bone conduction. 2. It's theoretically better than 44.1khz and it's actually better.

Well, there have been some debates about sampling rate, but don't care if they're right or not. Limited by the device, most gamers won't have the opportunity to hear the difference. 48khz is indeed a fair sample rate, it's above popular standards, but its file size is not exaggerated.

If you want to change the sampling rate in Unity, you can refer to the manual to do it.

Bit Depth

Generally speaking, bigger is better. Forest Sounds 2023 adopts 24-bit bit depth, which gives a bigger dynamic range and a more realistic sound.

16-bit: Store up to 65,536 levels of information

24-bit: We are able to store up to 16,777,216 levels of information


In Unity, you need to manually set the sample rate and bit depth yourself, and make sure you don't forget to set them. If you don't know how to set it up, please refer to the manual, where the process is described in detail.